Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Idea That Maybe I Should Patent

Does anybody have a doorbell for cars? It could come in very handy on those stretch limos. I mean, you don't know which door to knock on to get the attention of those inside, do you?

If it hasn't been patented I should do so. No stealing my idea people. Wow, nearly everyone has a car and nearly everyone will want one. I can see taxi drivers wanting to install them too so that they can spend more time reading the paper, drinking coffee and smoking without having to worry about passers by wanting to become passengers. The passengers can help themselves.


Hammysmum said...

Slow day at work again, or did someone put something in your tea?

Hammy said...

I was on my lunch break. It's been quite a busy day, actually.

Joe said...

I just run up to the window and press my face against the glass. It works equally well with limos and taxis.

Until they drive off, that is.