Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Miners Are Out So Why Weren't They Together?

Brant Webb and Todd Russell have been saved after 14 days and nights about 925m underground in a small cage at Beaconsfield Gold Mine. After visiting the doctor Todd Russell attended the funeral of their fellow miner, Larry Knight, who died in the same collapse that had them trapped. Apparently Brant Webb wasn't well enough to attend.

A report on the radio said that they had a rating of 3 for physical wellbeing where 4 indicates perfect health. So, we are led to believe that they were in good shape following their ordeal.

I saw on the news last night that Todd Russell went to the pub where everyone was surprised and relieved to see him. But no Brant Webb. Can't say I blame him. After being cooped up in a cage for 14 days and nights, the first five without knowing whether anyone was coming to rescue them or not, putting up with each other's bodily functions, etc, who would want the company of the other? After being in that close proximity in those conditions for so long I wouldn't be surprised if they never wanted to see each other again.

A mate of mine and his friend drove from Adelaide to Perth, 2700km, for my wedding. They had a good time and got on well together. He said it was a different story on the way back and they hardly spoke by the time they reached Adelaide and I don't know when they got back on speaking terms. And they had the radio, music, sights to see, etc, to keep them occupied. We are only talking a trip of about 30 hours here as well. Get the picture? A good friend's company can only be put up with for so long, not withstanding the circumstances that these men found themselves in.

I wonder if they will be conducting interviews jointly.


Postman said...

Well said. Best keep away from the press too. There are stories in the Oz press of books, etc up to Aus$2 Mn.

Their ordeal may have just started.

Hammy said...

I pity the poor bastards if they have to put up with Eddie Maguire for an interviewer. They don't have to worry about Richard Carelton though.

What has this got to do with football though? Collingwood, Carlton, etc.

James said...

Bit like the time we went to Adelaide together, that was only for three days, and that was way long enough.

Hammy said...

Thanks for bringing that to light, James.

Hammysmum said...

Is James, who comments on here, your red headed friend from down south? Where is he now?

Hammy said...

Yep. He won't be on Mel and Kochie's show, that's for sure. I'll let him fill you in on the details.