Tuesday, May 09, 2006

I've Been Conned

Emergency my arse. The mobile phones that were purchased the other day were under the guise of "in case of emergency". I was at work yesterday and my mobile rang. My initial thoughts were "Why is my mum ringing me at this time of the day?" It was Miky and she had a problem with her computer.

And then last night she had to go out and did not take her mobile with her. After she got home I mentioned that she must not have had an emergencies to worry about on the drive there or the way home. She did not understand what I meant. Then she had a laugh about it.

I feel like I have been conned. It is not so bad though - my son gave me his mobile phone skeleton decoration and it looks pretty cool.


David said...

And so it begins the first of many, many calls and pointless text messages.

Hammy said...

There's one thing in my favour David - she hates typing even on the keyboard. If I'd gone with Telstra Prepaid I could have had 1c text messages but I knew that she wouldn't go for it. Definitely doesn't interest her. But my mum will send me a few texts.

james said...

Just wait until Yu-Jin starts pestering you for his own mobile, our kids have already, and succeeded.

Hammy said...

James - you're not hiding behind an anonymous tag to make a comment. Is that because those Collingwood bastards are on top of the ladder and you can finally feel good about yourself and not so ashamed?

Yu-Jin has said a couple of times already that he wants a mobile also. But he's not seriously asking yet. I held out on the missus for a number of years. He should be easier to handle.

Hammysmum said...

The longer you leave it, the harder it will be to fend him off.Hopefully, you will manage to do so until he is old enough to afford it himself