Monday, May 29, 2006

It Takes Two ...

But sometimes one alone would be better. There's a new concept show on Channel 7 called It Takes Two. The show joins together 10 couples consisting of a professional singer and a celebrity.

Simon Reeve & Paulini - He's the newsreader from Sunrise on Channel 7. Nice bloke and he sang well. He sang better than Paulini and she was a finalist in Australian Idol. In her favour I should say that she sang in competition as a soloist but he would have been better off without her.

Michael Bevan & Jade Macrae - Bevo is a champion Australian cricketer but with quite a crooner's voice. Go Bevo. Jade, hmmm. She looked a bit like the Medusa and didn't sound much better. But, I've never been a fan of R&B singers.

Erika Heynatz & David Hobson - A model and an opera singer. Interesting couple and probably the most surprising. Worked well together and sounded nice.

Katie Fischer & Dave Gleeson - Over-the-top bimbo with lead singer of one of my favourite bands, the Screaming Jets, who, whilst performed a sultry song, were rather disappointing. They had fun together though but Dave appeared out of his element. Katie lives for the spotlight so as long as she's in it she doesn't care.

Kate Ritchie & Troy Cassar Daley - Kate has been a "star" on Home and Away for the last 19 years. This year she won the Silver Logie for Most Popular Actress. I.e., has never achieved anything and been way too conservative. Her only claim to fame is a video that she made with her boyfriend but as this is a family blog I won't be providing a link for it here. Troy is country and western singer and that's about all you need to know. They were awful together and Kate danced like Kim Dae-jung, i.e. a penguin. Should be first voted off.

Sarah Ryan & Guy Sebastian - Sarah is a three times Olympic swimmer and Gay, er Guy, won the first Australian Idol. She sounded more blokey than he did. Two reasons - she had a chest infection and his testes haven't descended yet.

Richard Zachariah & Karen Knowles - Richard is a journalist and Karen a professional singer. Who on earth knows what she was doing but Karen couldn't string together two words in the same key. I was shocked at how poor she was. Richard, well, I don't know about him. My ears were filling with blood from Karen's off-key performance.

Richard Champion & Wendy Matthews - Richard was a champion footballer with the Brisbane Lions. A bit of a gangly bloke I expected him to be good for a laugh. His singing was ok, quite ok, and Wendy Matthews was far too husky. But, she always has been. Could do very well together.

Judy Nunn & Glenn Shorrock - having a shower so I missed out.
Mark Furze & Rachael Beck - having a shower so I missed out.

Gosh I hope there is some improvement for next week.


Hammysmum said...

Why, oh why, is Guy Sebastian still in show biz? How did he get in, in the first place?

Hammy said...

He's a celebrity. Or was.