Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Survivor vs Prison Break

It's the meeting of the reality and non-reality TV shows. Richard Hatch, the original winner of Survivor, has been jailed for tax evasion. (Clever spoof). Anyway, I'm guessing that there is another TV show in the making. Perhaps he could guest star on Prison Break and during his escape he could be marooned on a tropical island and become Lost.

His manager should be sacked. How on earth could he not mention the US$1 million in winnings, and rental income apparently, when the whole world saw him win the money? Maybe Survivor will move into Alcatraz for the next series and introduce some mean members of the underworld to negotiate. Immunity would never have been so important.

Richard should start his own show perhaps - Richard Millionaire. Or at least used to be.


tmz_99 said...

I've thought since prision break that a reality prision show is just around the corner..

Hammy said...

They could have a prison dating reality show and the first woman to marry a lifer gets a prize. I have met a woman who was going to marry a jailbird after being a penfriend for a long time. Woah.