Friday, May 26, 2006

Don’t I Feel Like A Ditz

We are about to change our bathroom vanity unit and, while we’re at it, the toilet will get changed too. As it turns out the toilet decided to shit itself at the same time. We’ve had to put up with a workaround for a couple of weeks now so it won’t be too soon.

Last week I purchased a toilet from Bunnings. Once I got the toilet home I realised that that the poop shute was pointed towards the floor whereas our existing toilet pointed backwards through the wall. Oh no, I’d bought the wrong unit and didn’t need hundreds of dollars worth of plumbing done as extra. So I took the unit back last night, went through the refund process, headed to the toilet display and couldn’t see any units on display with the poop shute pointing in the direction I wanted. Asked for assistance and the guy informed me that they sold S-trap and P-trap (I wanted to mention that I needed a Poo-trap) modules. The P-trap was the correct unit. But, I also required a cistern, which they didn’t have available. Nor did the nearest Bunnings. The shop nearest to my work has some so I’ll be leaving quite early this morning.

I checked the toilet that I had received the refund for and, guess what, it was a P-trap. Didn’t I feel like a ditz? I wanted to purchase a brick paver as well but they had sold out so the only thing I could buy was the pre-refunded toilet.

Some mothers do have ‘em.

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