Friday, May 12, 2006

Tough Game Of Volleyball Last Night

I was able to make it to volleyball last night. Not like last week where the missus cracked the shits and I was able to go.

The Purple Cobras have been moved down to division four. The team we played last night, don't know the name, are the best team we have played this season. I made sure with the ref that we had gone down a division and not up one. Having said that, we beat them 2-1. What a thrill! In the fourth set we had only 6:07 on the clock and we were leading 12-11 with 15 seconds left. Three points required in that remaining time. A good serve by newcomer Dags, who didn't disgrace himself, and we had three seconds left for two points. Once the serve is in play the point is live even though the buzzer sounds. We won the point and so were leading 14-11. The ref said to one of our players, "You deserved the win," and so I think he gave us the fourth set. Come to think of it, I don't believe the first set counted as we gave one of our players to them, they were only four, and he played the rest of the match for us.

I've got to say that my serving at the start of the fourth set made the difference. We won four or five points pretty easily. Made up for my poor serving earlier. It has been three weeks since I've served due to last week and a bye the week before and it certainly felt like it after the first serve last night.

Woohoo!! Go Cobras. Purple Patch.


Joe said...

I'm just wondering why I didn't see this on ESPN this morning. I wore my purple cobras jersey and everything.

Nick Souter said...

I popped the tv on last night around 11pm, and there was the FA cup final, and I noticed the 'Hammers' were playing, I instantly thought of Hammy and called up your number (knowing it wouldn't be so late in Perth) but you're in Adelaide for a wedding so it turns out! Always attending weddings during finals, your own wedding was on the grand final weekend! anyway, the Hammers lost so it doesn't matter! I had a nice chat with Miky though, when are you guys coming up to Cairns?

Hammy said...

Joe - you crack me up.

Nick - I was up until the wee small hours of Sunday morning watching the game, taking great delight as we kept scoring, and then ultimately being deflated when we lost on penalties. Luckily the wedding was in the afternoon.