Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My First Respectable Haircut

As I have a wedding to attend in Adelaide on the weekend, onya Muzz, I had to get a respectable haircut. That, coupled with the fact that Miky hates my really short flattops, has led to my first respectable haircut since I've been old enough to get my hair done by myself.

Model - Frugal Bastard
Artiste - Bo
Style - Respectable (at last)

Not that the missus noticed when I got home. She rather liked it when I pointed it out though. If I wasn't married too her I'd get the feeling that she was coming on to me. Woah, too much info.

Had to pay for parking until 5:30. There's no need for a $50 fine over just a few minutes. My 10 cents would have lasted until 5:29 so I waited half a minute before paying. No point in wasting 10 cents is there?


Hammysmum said...

I think Miky needs to get a new spectacle prescription, or, didn't she have her specs on?

Hammy said...

Too busy stuffing her face at tea time to notice.