Wednesday, May 17, 2006

I've Been To A Wedding


Day of the wedding. Ben and I didn't have much to do before the wedding, except call our mums as it was Mother's Day (yeah, I called Miky too), and so we did a bit of driving in the countryside. First stop was Nairne which was founded in 1839. There are some lovely old buildings in existence.

Nairne - so I don't have to type about it.

Lovely old Albert Mill in Nairne.

Millers Bakery Cafe in Nairne.

Headed to Woodside/Lobethal and visited the markets at Lobethal. I bought Miky a ceramic figurine and some quangdong and chili sauce. We had a couple of hot dogs outside with that same sauce and I just had to get some.

The world's largest rocking horse - at Gumeracha.

The sign proclaiming the world's largest rocking horse.

Long way from home. Long way from anywhere actually.

A funny toilet sign in Gumeracha at the Toy Factory.

We went to Birdwood for lunch. The publican at the Blumberg Hotel asked if we had a booking. As we didn't he put us in the counter area. We didn't get served our main course until just on 2:30. The wedding was at 3:00 and we were 20 kms from Ben's place and a further 20 kms from the wedding at Hazelmere Homestead! And, I had to have a shower, shave and get dressed approppriately. Mind you, Damien told me that the ceremony didn't start until 3:45 so I wasn't panicking.

Blumberg Hotel - Birdwood.

Peerless Roller Mills - Birdwood.

Arrived back at Ben's place at 2:55 and took off about 15 mins later. Made it to the wedding at 3:30 - plenty of time to spare. Driving through Hahndorf on the way was a bit of a pain as it was extremely busy. And now for some wedding shots.

Best Man No.1 - Paul.

Best Man No.2 - Marty.

Here comes the bride - Wendy with dad Heinz.

And the band played Waltzing Matilda. Hang on, no they didn't.

Sonny Pillay (the Minister), Wendy and Damien.

The ring is on the finger now mate and there's no getting away from her.

Ain't it sweet, the moment we've all been waiting for?

Wendy's parents - Heinz and Margrit. Obviously wondering if they've done the right thing.

Des and Denise (Damien's parents).

Closeup of the happy couple.

Damien's side of the family.

Wendy's side of the family.

Don't know and didn't ask.

The dress (and occupant). If you see any goosebumps it is because the temperature was only about 10 degrees.

And that's about when the battery went dead. A lot of formalities fell by the wayside. Damien didn't wear a tie, Wendy didn't have a veil covering her face, there was no matron of honour and seating at the reception wasn't prearranged. The reason from two best men was that the matron of honour, as intended, had to shoot back to South Africa when her visa expired. So, Wendy's brother Marty filled the role.

Interestingly the ring for Wendy was her engagement ring. This is a Swiss tradition whereby they only have one ring. Makes more sense to me as the engagement ring is always more expensive than the wedding ring anyway.

At the reception, held at the lovely Hazelmere Homestead had a surprise or two in store. A Swiss tradition called "check check, peg peg" (I seem to recall) is played whereby two pegs are sent around the room but the guests don't know about them. The trick is to put them on somebody's clothing. If you discover them on your own clothes then you have to transfer them to somebody else without them noticing. When enough time has elapsed we find out who is wearing the pegs and what tasks they have to perform for the newlyweds. These tasks included washing their cars, preparing coffee, gardening, maintaining Damien's bike and servicing Wendy. If Wendy needs servicing before 12 months are up I suggest taking her back to the manufacturers!!

The buffet for tea was lovely except for the fact that I couldn't eat too much with my tonsilitis. People came from the Sth East, Sydney, Perth (me), Alice Springs, Queensland and Switzerland for the wedding. I managed to catch up with a few people that I knew and had a most enjoyable time. Managed to bum a lift home at midnight.

A great evening and I'm so glad that I didn't miss it. Thanks Damien and Wendy.


Joe said...

Well, I can certainly understand the big smile on Marty's face.

Hammy said...

The lady on the left is married but the lady on the right isn't. You point may be very well made indeed, Joe.

lori said...

sometimes i miss SA. I like going there to visit :)