Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Parenting Skills Update Required

News this morning that a 21 year old father put his daughter in the dryer causing her to suffer burnt feet and a hand, multiple bruises to her face and body and obviously a healthy distrust for her father.

The girl was wet and her father wanted to dry her. Hmmm, his parenting skills could do with a little updating.

Incidentally, Googling "girl dryer Perth", to look for a news story, came up with this page from Staypuff.net. Ooh, the jokes are a little rude on this page.

Post Script - Here's a news report. The buy is not the father but the boyfriend of the mother.


Hammysmum said...

What is the so called father's IQ level?

Hammy said...

About medium-warm.

Hannelie said...

Just slipped in through another blogger's blog.
Heard the news on Mix 94.5 today....awfull...poor kid!
Will visit again to see what you're up too.

Hammy said...

You poor misguided creature, Hannelie. Thanks for dropping by and posting a comment tho'. Ha ha.