Monday, May 29, 2006

Golf From The Weekend

Interesting game of golf. Nothing spectacular happened that would relate to my dream of scoring in the World Cup. I joined with Maureen and T.S., a regular couple, and Eric, another loner. Collier Park Golf Club looked after us and fitted us in as none of us had a booking. I only hit one fairway on the outward nine - my slice was horrific and regularly saw me on the fairway to the right. Even my irons wouldn't behave. Brought up the rear of the group with a 53! My goodness.

Eric had the strangest approach to putting I have ever seen. He squats behind the ball and carefully places his putter almost touching the ground. He lifts it up slowly and judges the angle of the putter's face to the hole. Really odd. I asked him if he was an engineer or an architect. Seven holes later he informed me that he is an architect.

On the back nine I cracked a couple of huge, straight (!!!) drives. Didn't that do the world of confidence for my game. Buggered it up on the last with a triple bogey but shot a 44. Quite a turnaround and most pleasing.

A 97 off the stick from me which included two 8s and a 9. Still, as ever, improvement required. Mind you, I had only 14 putts on the back nine and 31 overall. It does mean that my approach shots were generally short as I chipped an awful lot but not awfully. I left the golf course happy though.

Not a bad day during winter. It was about 13 degrees when we teed off, which was so much better than the 2.9 degrees we had a couple of days ago, and there were a few spots of rain but the back nine was generally very sunny and felt rather warm. Good company and a half reasonable game.

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