Monday, May 08, 2006

Purchase Of An Anti-Nagging Device

Yes, I’ve finally purchased an anti-nagging device – a mobile phone. One for me and one for the nagger, er missus. I’ve left the bottom 10% of the population and joined the top 90% that already have one.

Seeing as I only need it for “emergencies”, which generally means the missus’ car has broken down, my mobile is a cheapie. Miky has a Motorola L6 with colour screen and camera (I prefer to use my digital camera) and hers is really nice. Afraid that a little bit of buyer’s remorse has set in – I like her mobile much better.

Don’t worry – it’s a pre-paid so I won’t be paying for unused calls on a plan.


David said...

You're wife is Korean right? Its taken her this long to get a cell phone?!

Oh dear oh dear...

Hammy said...


It's taken her this long to convince me to get one.

Point taken.