Monday, May 08, 2006

Shane Warne Sex Romp

A bit of traffic has been coming my way looking for "Shane Warne Sex Romp" and the like. Perhaps I'd better write something about his latest escapade with a couple of girls. Apparently he put on a much better show with the two ladies than he did begging for sex with one woman earlier on and was "Owzat" in a matter of seconds. And they got it all on video. Shane Warne you have really been exposed this time.

He's approaching 40, I wouldn't have thought that the English girls would go for the Aussies that much, he's known for his philandering and just what do they hope to gain from it? What has he got going for him - surely a question that must be asked?

The two girls involved, Coralie Eichholtz and Emma Kearney, work for News of the World - a British tabloid and I'm not linking their site here as it is a bit naughty. Warney, you've been set up. Gorgeous looking women throwing themselves at you for a threesome would set off alarm bells for a normal bloke. He does look as though he's lost some weight, I must say. If they don't work for the tabloid then they've just sold their story to the paper. Just how much ridicule are they going to get out of it? Surely there are no bragging rights to be obtained from bedding Warney.

I can't believe that the girls would go all the way with him for their job. It doesn't make them much better than prostitutes, I'm afraid. Sleep with someone for more than getting it on video to make him tabloid fodder. It must be easier than taking candy from a baby with Warney though. I doubt that he'll be taking any legal action for invasion of his privacy and being secretly filmed. More likely he will want a copy of the video to show his mates.


Hammysmum said...

The guy is an all round joke!

Joe said...

First, my condolences over the loss of your Uncle.

Second, this post isn't at all what I expected when I googled "Shane Warne Sex Romp."

lori said...

I am starting to feel sorry for shane warne.

Seems like he is being targetted and filmed, surely any man who gets 2 chicks wanting to sleep with him, would go for it.

those chicks are trollops.

Hammy said...

Funny bugger Joe.

Lori - I've seen the slideshow. No, I wouldn't blame him either. He's still dumb though.