Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Been Away For A Bit

Haven't posted for a few days. Haven't even used a computer for a few days. Nor read the paper. We've done bugger all for a bit. Just returned from a relaxing few days down south, chiefly in Busselton. Couple of days off work, always nice, and a day away from school for Yu-Jin. Being the frugal bastard that I am I waited until the school holidays had ended before going away. No need to pay top dollar for accommodation or to be part of the holiday crush - we wanted to get away from the rat race for a while.

Pics and story to follow in the next few days or so. Going to be busy with work and Rockwell's Automation on the Move on this week at the Perth Convention and Exhibition Centre.

1 comment:

Joe said...

Always good to unplug from society for a while. Good to have you back, Hammy.