Friday, May 05, 2006

Here's One For Fine Cuisine

Rockwell Automation, whom we are distributors for, held their bi/quad-annual Automation on the Move on Wednesday and Thursday this week. I was invited out to tea on Wednesday night at the Old Swan Brewery Restaurant and it is a swanky joint. You know it is going to be a swanky joint because the carpark was some sort of ridiculously jumbled design and very strange to even enter.

I like it when someone else pays for a meal. And I must say, the ostrich sausages and potato for entree was delicious. The Tasmanian salmon for main course was a poor attempt, even I could do better with a fillet. The lemon tart for desert was nice. Not too sure about the lady who took my drinks order as, when I turned around, I discovered that she wasn't a lady at all.

Now, if the missus should ask what I had for tea I must remember to say - "Bangers and mash, fish and some tart."

People that you don't know too well become a bit more loose in the tongue when they've had a Pilsner or three. He he.


Hammysmum said...

Is the whole build a restaurant, or restaurants? They were doing the refurbishing when I was over there for your graduation. It looks really good on the web site.

Hammy said...

No, they've made it into apartments for the extremely wealthy. Not a bad place and the Website is quite professional.