Saturday, April 30, 2005

It Was The Boy's Fifth Birthday Today

I had promised him a flight in a helicopter and he missed out last weekend. We hastily organised it for today, his birthday, and managed to get the last flight of the day, as the weather was closing in and the pilot had to get back to Fremantle while he still could.

As it turned out my friend Ben turned up fifteen minutes late and we were about to board the helicopter when he did so. I enjoyed the flight but spent too much time watching it through the viewer on my digital camera trying to video it than watching it for real. Got a few nice snaps and hopefully some interesting video.

The Boy Is Quite Interested During His Flight

Overlooking The Mitchell Freeway Which Runs North Of Perth City

Perth Doesn't Look So Bad From Up Here

Happy Birthday Boy Enjoying The Flight

The View Above Kings Park Was Wonderful

Overlooking The Bell Tower On The Swan River Foreshore At The End Of Barrack St

Oh No. We're Going To Die! The Pilot Has Passed Out.

Don't Let Your Friends Take That Special Photo, Even If They Have A Digital Camera Themselves.

Doesn't matter. He took another shot and it came out ok. Five minutes of fun was over in, well, five minutes I guess. Gee, how am I going to top that for Yu-Jin next birthday.

As an aside, one of my friends, Yu-Jin's best friend's dad, rang to say that he had gone to the party today in a hurry after hastily wrapping the present and couldn't find Yu-Jin having a party anywhere in the building. Then he looked at the invitation and it said RSVP 30th of April - the party is next weekend even though I booked it three weeks ago. The venue is very popular is booked about a month in advance.


NewYorkMoments said...

If you want to top that helicoptor ride, then next year you'll just have to buy him his very own coptor.

gleek said...

those are some cute kiddies hammy! what a great birthday treat :)

Hammy said...

Maybe I should clarify Gleek- the boy is mine and the girl is my friend's daughter, the guy who took the photo.

My missus says that Yu-Jin is 99% her work and only 1% of mine - so I can't take much credit for his cuteness. Thanks for the comment.

Every year things get bigger. Last year we had a McDonalds birthday party - no point in having heaps of kids running around your own house - and then we went to a fifth birthday party where they had an animal farm. On Saturday we are taking Yu-Jin to Scitech for his birthday party and that will be even harder to top.

Verity Kindle said...

That's an extremely cute and absolutely fearless kid you've got there! He looks like he's having a blast.

Hammy said...

Thanks Verity - I have been reading your comments on Yobbo. Let Stacy G have it.