Saturday, April 02, 2005


If Il Santo Padre Giovanni Paolo II - Pope John Paul II - goes into a coma you can bet that it won't be for 15 years.

I'm an atheist but I will say this - the world is about to lose a great man. Maybe I don't believe in everything that he stands for, and that he abuses his power by beatifying more people than any other Pope to gain a groundswell of support for the Catholic Church, but he is a man of peace and goodwill. PJP II has done a good job and I don't see much point in prolonging his life.

I also don't see any point in praying for him. Praying for the head of the religion? How absurd. If he isn't a good enough man to get into Heaven then he should go to Hell. If those places even existed. Why pray for someone who is 84 years old? He's had a good innings. Maybe I am missing the point altogether.

Riposa In Pace - when your time comes Karol Wojtyla. You have served well on Earth.


Nick Souter said...

thousands of people standing around in the vatican, what are they doing? Waiting for him to pop his head out of the window again or something? How boring! What if he still lives for another week or 2? Or months? What will they do? Just stand around? Someone should set up a big screen and get a movie playing or something! (The Godfather series!)

Hammy said...

Nick, you were only 4 1/2 hours premature. They wouldn't even have had time to set up the big screen. If they had a screen set up the first Godfather movie wouldn't have finished.

Now they need the screen to keep the faithful entertained while the cardinals choose a new pope. Perhaps the TAB can set up a betting booth.

NewYorkMoments said...

Do we know what is happening to the feeding tube now that the Pope no longer needs it?

Hammy said...

My guess is that the Vatican is hanging on to it. If there isn't a cardinal that they think is the right man for the job then they will play conservatively and elect an old pope who isn't long for this world and may have use for the feeding tube in the not too distant future.