Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Who Is Better Organised?

Let's compare the city of Rome and the State of The Vatican with the USA, for a moment. Look at the organisation for people wanting to pay their last respects to Pope John Paul II. A million have already done so. Look at the millions who would like to pay their last respects to President George W. Bush - they are shit out of luck, for the moment.

People have been waiting patiently for up to seven hours to see the Pope. They want to do this desperately. People waited eight to 10 hours to vote for the President. Did they want him that desparately? And don't tell me that they were patient.

Rome seems to be doing a marvellous job and there is only one place for people to vote, with their feet.

The US had a few more polling booths and it took far longer to vote. The US couldn't organise a two-door shithouse. At least when it comes to elections.

Cool Number Plate

Spotted this a couple of days ago. Middle aged gent driving a black Saab convertible with the number plate "WHO GIVSA"

Cool Sticker

Spotted this morning on a ute with at least six aerials and two large spotties - sticker saying "MY OTHER RIDE'S YOUR MUM"

New Invention

I have to contact Cochlear about this one. I have an idea to increase the number of MP3 players in the market. I think that they should implant them in hearing aids. If you don't need to be deaf you should be able to enjoy music and not have to stick something else in your ear.

Does The Indonesian Government Feel Threatened By Australia?

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono must feel threatened by us Aussies. His country is torn apart by another earthquake and while he is visiting his people don't let the Aussie Forces fly in and help out. Just what exactly does he have to fear from us? Never mind that his people are homeless, hungry and helpless. In the spirit of cooperation we should have been able to carry out our humanitarian mission unhindered, I would have thought.

The Australian Government is more worried about the Indonesian troops than the other way around, surely.

Public Students Do Better At Uni Than Private Students

This is what the latest research shows. I can see it now, droves of students being forced from private schools so that they do better at uni. The report also mentioned that private school students do better in their final year at school. Perhaps they get into more difficult subjects because of their higher scores and this is the reason they do worse at uni? The arguement is that private school students are better prepared for the rough and tumble of uni life.

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