Saturday, April 02, 2005

Jay Schulz

What is worse?

Being 19, a probationary driver, getting caught speeding at 80 km/h in a 40 zone with a blood alcohol level of 0.065, losing your licence for six months, costing your team between $500000 and $750000 this year in sponsorship money or

playing football for Richmond?


lori said...

i think playing for richmond is punishment enough.. poor kid.

Hammy said...

And the ignomy of still being in the team is probably lost on Jay.

I bet Richmond wish they could fine him $500000 to recover their losses. Five thousand dollars was the maximum allowable under the current rules.

Today's paper said that the police had fined him as well as cancelling his licence for six months. I would have thought that it was the judiciary that had fined him. I must have it in for journalists.

Perhaps the Transport Accident Commission should still be the team sponsor but do it for nothing - sort of like a team logo "We are drink-driving bloody idiots".