Wednesday, April 20, 2005

My Take On Dancing With The Stars

Didn't see any of season one. Couldn't have given a bugger. Season two, however, was must see viewing - not that the celebrities were people we watched from other programs or anything.

The format of the show was great. No hurt, no greed, no ridicule (sounds like Sonshine FM), bit of controversy (judges comments/scores and the dancers that got through each round). Great bit of tv. And the hosts weren't obnoxious either. Music was great and the costumes were excellent, on the whole. Something that the whole family could sit down and watch together. The late finish was a bit of a pain as Yu-Jin quite liked the show.

I was a bit concerned when Steven Bradbury took to the dancefloor in the final with all of the other contestants. If they had all fallen over he may have won.

Tom and Kym deserved to win but I would have preferred to have seen Holly in the final. Ian did well in the final though.

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