Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Schapelle Corby Pregnant? - You Must Be Kidding

The latest news about Schapelle Corby, languishing in an Indonesian jail, is that she is pregnant. We all know that she is screwed but only metaphorically speaking, not literally. What is all this about Indonesian jails being harsh and uncompromising? Surely they don't allow conjugal visits? Mind you, she is kept with male prisoners.

The poor girl was ordered to take a pregnancy test after the rumour spread that she was two months pregnant. Why? What has it got to do with her trial?

Rumour has it that she is also a drug smuggler. I don't believe that either. Pregnancy test came back negative. One rumour down, one to go.


Courtney said...

I am 13 years old and my whole school unites over only one thing - the belief that Schapelle Corby is innocent. There is a rat out somewhere in the world who knows something. They have to save the innocent girl from the hellhole of a jail she is in now.

Hammy said...

I agree with you and your schoolmates, Courtney. I don't believet that Schapelle did it, despite how her family behaves. Trouble is, she must go through the court system to prove her innocence. You can't expect the Australian government to say, "We don't believe the verdict handed down by the court in Indonesia so we are taking our citizen back." It will never happen. Maybe the US govt could do it but not Australia.

Thanks for your feedback.

letoya sweeney said...

I agree courtney you can so tell that she is innocent you only have to look at her to know that she's innocent and my school mates are never going to bali because they might get accused of something that they never knew about australia needs to get behined schapelle and help her get out.
Stay strong Schapelle

Hammy said...

It's good to see the youth of today standing up for what they believe in and being quite a supportive bunch.

Be careful but don't be afraid.