Friday, April 01, 2005

I'm On Prince Charles' Side

For once in his life. A journalist, and I use the term loosely, asks him how his is feeling about his wedding in eight days time. What sort of question is that? How many years did this guy spend in the school of journalism to ask such a stupid question? Did he even graduate?

Prince Charles replied with a beautiful piece of sarcasm, basically "glad you noticed" and then said under his breath, but not out of range of a microphone, how "I can't bear that man anyway. He's so awful, he really is", and how he "hates doing this" (giving interviews). Here's the article.

And now the press are saying he is the heir to the throne and should be able to behave a bit better. I totally support him on this issue. If some lamebrain asks one of the most stupid questions of the century then he deserves to get pasted. I would have said something pretty similar to old Charlie with perhaps a few more choice words for good measure. Why should anyone in the public eye have to put up with crass journalism? Charles only said what he was thinking and he is being lambasted about it? Surely any good person says what they think.

Onya Charlie. And we are better off with that cheating, attention-seeking, ever-controlling woman called Diana too. Maybe I agree with him twice in his life.

Dominoes Stalemate

Not that I am a dominoes officionado but, I was playing with Yu-Jin tonight after work and we ended a game in a stalemate. All of the pieces had been picked and it was left with a one at either end and we had no more ones to play. I was gobsmacked.

Well bugger me if it didn't happen two games later!! Twice in three games must be akin to throwing a coin and it lands on it's edge.

What Use?

I had a thought today. Oh, no, not another one you say. Well, what use are bottle openers on your keyring? It's not as if you can crack open a bottle whilst you are driving, is it? Not unless you are Jay Schulz I guess. "Drink drive, stupid, dopey, idiotic flipping jerk" should be Richmond's theme from now on.

How The Socceroos Could Become World Champions

Making the World Cup Finals would be a start. I think that they should import a few of our Aussie Rules players. At least they can shoot on goal. Have you seen how well these players can kick an oblong ball on the ground towards goal. Not only are they more accurate than the soccer players that represent this country but they also don't stand like rabbits stuck in the headlights either.

I guess there is the little matter of the goalkeeper standing in the way but that is a minor point.


gleek said...

ha! totally agree with you on the charles thing. why do people in high places HAVE to be proper ALL THE TIME? i just don't get it. it seems that no one can take a joke nowadays. that inept journalist deserves a big L for LOSER! dude, if charles the-f*cking-future-king-of-britain thinks you're an idiot then maybe he's got a point, you know?

also, LOVE aussie rules football.

that is all.

Hammy said...

I'm intrigued where you love of Aussie Rules Football stems from - being a New Yorker.

Hammysmum said...

Your comments about the late Princess of Wales are Chauvanistic & unworthy of you. Charles cheated on her first & never intended to make the marriage work. I think his behaviour in general & particularly toward her, was unkind, ungenlemanly ,in short appaling! I have not put Diana on a pedestal, she was only human, but she did not deserve to be treated in that fashion.
As Margaret used to say, they are not like us. Their life is not normal.But, they should not think they can do any damn thing they like and not be accountable.

Hammy said...

Thanks mum.

I never said that what Charles did was by a man of great character. But I did want to make the point that Diana wasn't much better. If any. Diana should have been held to account for her behaviour as much as Charles has been.

People have short memories. A bit of controversy never goes astray either.

gleek said...

my love of aussie rules football comes from sleepless nights in front of fox sports world.. i usually like to watch football (soccer) in spanish but when that's unavailable i hope for aussie rules football. there's nothing better than seeing those two guys at the posts mark a goal. i want that job.

Hammy said...

And now for the important question - which team do you like the best?

C'mon, don't be shy. Some of us will still respect you.

gleek said...

teams? what teams? i only watch it for the fun of seeing the ball bounce around, hot steamy men jumping all over the place, and those two guys at the goal posts (^_^)

Hammy said...

Fair enough then. They don't get so steamy in the middle of Winter except when there is a fight.