Sunday, April 17, 2005

Sunday's Happenings

We got up to a bit today. Miky had a meeting with her partners in their business venture which is due to be launched at Subiaco Markets in about four weeks. They will be opening a boutique to sell their clothing.

Yu-Jin and I went to the pool in the morning with Jesse and his dad Richard. I noticed that if we bought a family pass, 2 adults and 2 children, we would save $2.40. It was worth a try. It doesn't say that you have to be family in actual fact. They gave us the family pass without any hassles. Perhaps Richard calling me "Honey" helped persuade them. Following more than an hour in the pool we played soccer and threw a boomerang around.

After watching the footy, where Freo disappointed me greatly by losing (I may have won a lot of money at work had they won), Miky bought a half cake for her birthday which is on Tuesday. I won't tell you how old she is but we will celebrate her 40th next year. I then proceeded to spend a further two and a half hours digging up the backyard. After my shower I put on my old footy shorts and, even though I could fit in them, they were about six centimetres too small around the hips.

Not a bad day.

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Nick Souter said...

Hey Hambone, anything to post on the China - Japan issue? What's Koreas take on the whole thing?