Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Miky's Birthday Dinner

Miky definitely wanted to go out for tea last night for her birthday. What surprised me is that she chose a Chinese restaurant as she finds Chinese food to be too greasy. Never mind, we had eaten at this place once before with a group of my friends from uni.

Diamond Chinese Restaurant

Miky made her own top a few days back and it looked pretty nice. She also bought Yu-Jin some new clothes and he looked pretty smart. Being a Tuesday the streets of Northbridge were not overly packed.

Miky and Yu-Jin in Northbridge

We had pepper squid, supreme vegetable claypot, beef chow mein and Chinese tea for our meal. I always forget how they make the chow mein, which is with braised beef, and remember when my mum used to make chow mein and how nice it was, and go ahead and order it only to be followed with disappointment at what the meal really is. Will I ever learn?

For much of the meal we were the only people in the restaurant until a large Chinese family arrived. I think an old man wanted to show off how rich he was as he purchased two Snow Crabs for his meal. You should have seen how quickly the waiter bounded down to the fish tank to get them. I don't blame him as they are priced at $20 per pound! You could also purchase crayfish, eel or perch.

Snow Crab

It was a lovely meal and a nice way to celebrate the day. Yu-Jin's birthday is now only 10 days away and then we are finished for the year. I liked the fact that I didn't have to drive all the way home after work before turning around and going back into the city.

Family Pic


Hammysmum said...

Loverley picture of youall. Mi-Kyoung certainly does NOT look her age. Love the top. Yu-Jin looks very smart, too.
How much would the Snow Crabs weigh?

Hammy said...

They would have to be pushing the 1kg mark, at least. Big buggers, they wuz.