Sunday, April 17, 2005

Bowling Alley Fun

Yesterday in the arvo I looked after Yu-Jin and his friend from school as Miky went dress shopping with his mum. I'm glad the kids played together ok. I spent a good hour in the morning digging up the backyard too. Later on the friend's dad came over after work and we went bowling.

What a turn up for the books. I bowled 156 including five strikes, a run of three in a row (a turkey), and one spare. I've never bowled so well in my life. Ok, I have only done it a few times but doubt that I've even broken 100. We set the boys up with a ramp as they are too small to bowl properly and we didn't want the bumpers set up.

In the second game the boys weren't interested and Miky wanted to have a bowl for Yu-Jin. She's left-handed and has a sore wrist so she bowled with her right hand. Still managed to knock a few pins over and I thought that I would give it a go. On Yu-Jin's turns I bowled left-handed. I managed to get a spare left-handed although the first bowl was a gutterball so in anyone's language it was a strike. Well almost. As good as.

Not a cheap activity but it was good fun. I'm afraid that they may want to go bowling with us more often. The boy's mum beat me 117-110 in my second game.

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