Friday, April 29, 2005

What Is Happening In The World?

It used to be safe to travel around the world.

When I travelled I didn't bother to lock my bags. Now look at what has become of Schapelle Corby who didn't lock her bag and went to Bali - only to have some bastard stash 4.1 kilos of drugs in her boogie board. It looks like she will spend the rest of her life in a jail in Bali as I can't see her being released.

When I travelled to New York City I went inside the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. It was safe back then. Maybe there was that bomb scare a couple of years before in the carpark in the basement, but still.

When I went to Japan it was safe to travel on the trains. My friend Wayne said that you could set your watch by the trains. Now one train runs a little bit late and a hundred or so people lose their lives. When we ventured out into the country I did notice that one train was about four minutes late but it didn't become derailed and kill lots of people.

Perhaps the world isn't that safe a place anymore.

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More Fighting In The House

My son got up this morning and changed the channel using the remote. A feeling of shock came over me. He knows how to manipulate the channels now. No longer can I feel safe watching my program. I am a prisoner in my own home. Ok, that's being a bit dramatic. Do I need to buy another telly so that my viewing is safe?

At least the young bloke is ahead of his grandpa. I don't think grandpa changes the channels using the remote yet. It was only a very few years ago that he would change the channels on the telly.


gleek said...

oh my god! that is horrible for corby! this is the first i'm hearing of it.. to think that you could get a life sentence for having a few kilos of marajuana is shocking! poor girl. i really hope that she gets out somehow. i will now make it a point to keep my luggage with me at all times. how indescribably horrid!

by the way, is this woman an aussie celebrity? i hadn't heard of her before.

NewYorkMoments said...

At least we have indoor plumbing nowadays.

Hammy said...

Schapelle Corby was a 27 y.o. beauty student from Queensland who was going to Bali for a holiday. She's been in jail for seven months now. I don't honestly see how she is going to get a reprieve - judges in Indonesia don't appreciate people saying "I'm not guilty. I didn't do it." They call that disrespectful.

I don't think that she did it. I don't think the Indonesians care. If it could be proven, without doubt, that she did it, well, so be it. The evidence isn't damning enough for my liking.

The Bali Nine, four of whom were found to have heroin taped to their bodies, well, they're buggered.