Sunday, April 10, 2005

Those Carlton Bastards Have Done It Again

It's just typical of Carlton, isn't it? They play like champions one week to score a come-from-behind, backs-to-the-wall win against Essendon. Next week they play Collingwood into form. It's a disgrace. And just before the Anzac Day clash between Collingwood and Essendon. Not something that the Bombers need.

Did Eddie Maguire get into the pockets of Carlton this time?

No Subtitles

We borrowed some movies the other night. One of them was The Locals - a flick from New Zealand. Pretty spooky and I was feeling sick during one of the scenes. I don't know how the actor wasn't sick portraying his character. But being from NZ Miky was a bit upset as she finds the accent very hard to understand. She was constantly asking for a translation.

What I did find disturbing was a complete lack of subtitles. What about the hearing impaired, for a start? I don't know. Rednecks in America can get subtitles when they are interviewed or on a funny video selection. Why not the Kiwis?


Hammysmum said...

Ask any Kiwi or Kiwi 'convert' and they will tell you it is us that are unintelligable!! Luckily, I have an'ear' for accents and they are not that hard for me, to understand.
I don't like Carlton or Collingwood, but someone had to win.

Hammysmum said...

Eddie McQuire for MP? Perish the thought! You would never shut him up. He is far too find of the sound of his own voice now!

Hammy said...

More will be forthcoming about Eddie Everywhere