Friday, April 01, 2005

Judging People And Their Actions

It occurred to me this morning, whilst driving to work in the rain, that judges are not, in fact, judgemental.

Take for instance the idiot with the Carlton Football Club licence plate who went through a red light in front of me, mine went green and he was still in the intersection, and then proceeded to turn right without using a blinker. Any reasonable person would come to the conclusion that this person is, without doubt, an idiot, dickhead, and a person incapable of driving who got his licence from the back of a Weetbix packet.

A judge on the other hand would be looking at the facts of the matter. Yes, the driver in question failed to stop for a red light. Yes, the driver in question failed to indicate when turning.

No judgement made about the person's character is made. Do judges judge people or administer the law in light of the facts presented to them?

I would like to see something in the sentencing guidelines about how stupid the driver is, in the judge's opinion. After all, he is only one of those Carlton bastards.


Nick Souter said...

Very good point there Hambone! As for Carlton, well all I can say is YOU FUCKEN LITTLE BEAUTY!!!! (my dad and sister Anna were at the game too!)

Hammy said...

If I know your old man, and I think I do, at three-quarter time it would have been, "Come on Anna, we're not staying to watch this rubbish. It's only that damn Essendon anyway."

Am I right? Did he stay to watch the finish?

Talk about ruining my night as I was really going to pile the shit on you. Mind you, even up by 28 friggin' points at three-quarter time I didn't feel that confident.

What a ball-burster. Couldn't keep up the pressure in the final quarter and you guys finished with the run. Unlike your ingracious defeat in the last Champion of Champions match.