Thursday, April 28, 2005

Surely This Is The Way For A Frugal Bastard To Go

I don't know if you have heard but we will soon be able to be buried standing up. Here's the article.

I guess this is the scenario:

A cheap bastard dies.
He doesn't want a lot of money to be wasted on a traditional burial.
None of his friends are cannibals.
He goes for a cheap burial.
No headstone is included.
He's placed in a box, a hole is dug, after the cows are shooed away first, the box is placed into the hole feet first and then covered over with dirt.

All for about A$1000.

Sounds nice and cheap to me. I wonder if I can be buried standing on my head. Only problem is that Victoria is the only state in Australia where this has been approved. I wouldn't be caught dead in Victoria. I may have to live a little longer so that some WA company can get approval for the vertical burial.


NewYorkMoments said...

Why don't you save yourself the trouble and the money & have your family throw a big bonfire with you as the Fuel of Honor?

gleek said...

hahaha, newyorkmoments.. fuel of honor. i'm going for the creamation when i die. none of this taking up space in the ground thing. besides, we need to save that space for all the garbage we produce.

Hammy said...

I hope you do mean "Fuel" and not "Fool" of Honour.

I dunno, I would like to donate my body to science when I go. I don't know if the scientists would be too keen on it. I have given my permission for my organs to be donated when I die. Some other poor bastards will need them more than me.