Tuesday, April 05, 2005

The Words People Use

On Triple J this morning the news reader talked about the funeral of "Pope Joel".

In the same news report the Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, was talking about a police shooting of a suspected attempted murderer and mentioned that the matter would be investigated and "oversighted" by the Police Commissioner, I think. I thought that an oversight was when something was neglected or missed when it should have been noticed. Perhaps he meant "overseen".

Desperately "Sea King" New Helicopters

I'm assuming that the Australian Government will be looking into the purchase of new helicopters following the crash of a Sea King. These helicopters are 30 years old and for one of the best trained armies in the world it is a bit of an indictment to have to use such outdated equipment.

Here comes another groundbreaking deal with the US despot regarding purchasing military might.

Prince Charles' New Wedding Plans

So Prince Charles is postponing his wedding for a day to attend Pope Joel's (sic) funeral. Perhaps "Mumsy" can attend the wedding now, that is if she can find time in her busy schedule. Why doesn't he have the wedding at the Pope's funeral? All of the world's dignitaries will be in attendance and he wouldn't have to pay for much of the show. Surely he could find an archbishop to bless the wedding. Only problem is that Charles is from the Church of England and the Pope's mob are just slightly differing in their beliefs.


NewYorkMoments said...

Camilla is a horse.

Hammy said...

I'm somewhat surprised that you rate Camilla so highly.