Thursday, April 07, 2005

Avril Lavigne Concert

It was a blast last night. I'd found out from one of the girls at work that there was a concert on last night at Challenge Stadium. Tickets were $75 and seeing as my birthday was coming up that seemed like a good present. Miky didn't want to go - the music would have been too loud for her anyway. Yu-Jin wanted to go.

So I phoned Ticketmaster7 and waited for 23 minutes before getting to talk to somebody. Only took four minutes to book the tickets. While I was waiting I looked at the seating arrangement on the Internet so I knew where we would be. Way back from the stage.

Challenge Stadium is only five kilometrieve how busy Subiaco is after 7pm on a Wednesday night - busier than when I drive to work in the morning. Traffic flow was ses from where I work, as it turns out. I can't bellowed to a minimum so I just parked on the kerbside and we walked about 500m. Saved five bucks for parking anyway!

No cameras, plastic bottles or glass were allowed in the stadium. Still took my camera and I have some FANTASTIC video clips that I took. I only wish that I had recorded the whole concert as the sound reproduction is better than being there. It was ear-splittingly loud, though not distorted, and my video clips, about 20MB each, are excellent. I love my camera.

The support band was THS and they weren't bad. Couldn't make out too many of the words though and there was quite a bit of music being played when none of the guys were strumming their guitars.

Avril put on quite a show and the crowd were quite excited. Yu-Jin enjoyed it. He last 40 minutes of Avril's show before zonking. It was 9:40 anyway. He had done well to stay awake that long. The show finished at five past 10. Excellent.

How much did this Frugal Bastard pay? I had heard that the tickets were going cheaply because it wasn't a sell-out. I picked mine up for $40 each!!

Rock on Avril!!!!!!!!!!

Avril Lavigne on stage last night

This photo has been touched up (extra light) so that you can see it. We were miles away but the loudness was astounding!

Avril's Concert - as seen by us

Avril's Concert - with the light turned up


Hammysmum said...

Who is this chick? I wondered what the din was coming from your direction!!
Is she an Aussie, Yank,what?

David said...

I heard her last concert in Sydney totally sucked, I'm glad this one was a better one.

Hammy said...

Mum - Avril's Homepage -

Pic -

David - I have it on good authority, from one of my workmates who also went, that Perth crowds are notoriously difficult to get in the mood and excited. Avril didn't have any problems and the crowd was pretty enthusiastic. I am going to have a look around your site as a Perth boy living in Korea - I can relate to that somewhat.

Hammy said...

Oh yeah. She's Canadian, so that makes her alright.

I wonder how Canadian's feel about that sort of comment which must be pretty degrading and they must hear it all the time.

I'm not here to offend anybody. Just offering a loose, passing comment.