Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Korean Blonde Strikes Again

Dumb Point!

I got to work yesterday and Miky rang. She was rather upset as she couldn't find her car keys. I had seen her house keys but not the car keys. She was unable to take Yu-Jin to school. Lucky he isn't in year 12 doing his final exams.

About an hour later she rang, almost in tears, to explain that she had looked everywhere and couldn't find them. She thought that they must be in the boot of her car as she remembered getting some bread out and shutting the boot. I said that when I arrived home, as I wasn't leaving work, I would try to open the boot.

I got home rather quickly last night, the traffic wasn't too bad, expecting a very frazzled wife to greet me. She had used a pair of scissors to get into the boot but there were no keys there (I didn't tell anybody where I live, did I?). She had found her keys. The story goes something like this - she was about to leave home, car keys in hand, when the Korean Embassy rang. She put her keys down and looked for Yu-Jin's birth certificate, which she placed over the keys. After going to the toilet she couldn't locate her keys. The worrying thing was when she talked to me she had no recollection of doing anything with the keys from the night before. She had had them in her hand a few minutes beforehand.

Definitely a Korean Blonde moment.

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