Monday, May 09, 2005

Busy Weekend

We were busy this weekend with Yu-Jin's birthday party, a sleepover and Mothers' Day. At the birthday party they did a puppet show that was directed at 3-7 year olds, and I don't know if it was because they were boys who don't like putting their imagination caps on or not, but they saw straight through the puppetry. I thought that it wasn't really suitable for five year olds. There were a few technical issues as well but the kids did find it entertaining.

Yu-Jin's friend Jesse stayed the night. Boys will be boys. They were up until 10pm and out of bed around 5:30 am. Yu-Jin got a foam rocket kit for his birthday and I had set it up but told him to use it outside. Guess what the boys were playing with at 6am in the living room?!

Jesse left his slippers behind and as we had decided to go to Sizzlers for a Mothers' Day lunch at the shop was nearby, we dropped them off. Sizzlers had a queue stretching as far as you could see so we gave that a miss.

Drove into Vic Park and looked for a Korean or Japanese Restaurant - they were all closed. Popped into Chi Restaurant instead. The food was pretty good and the pepper squid rivals Chef Han's Cafe in Northbridge for taste. Miky said that the Chinese character meant "Eat" or "Food" which I thought was a great name for a restaurant. The waitress told me that it meant "Restaurant".

After a walk to settle the lunch down Miky was after some cake and coffee. We stopped in at a Gloria Jeans coffee franchise and had strawberry cheese cake. This had to be one of the blandest cakes I have ever tasted - including those I have cooked. Can't say anything nice about it though. Couldn't pay by credit card either and the guy told me that an EFTPOS machine was available across the road. There may well have been an Electronic Funds Transfer Point Of Sale across the road but that would be in another shop. Perhaps he meant ATM.

Had a bit of a sleep when we got home. I must be getting old. Then I spent an hour and a half digging up the back yard. Still can't find that body. Listened to the footy and the Freo Dockers trounced Collingwood by 112 points. What a fantastic result. Not only for the fact that I hate Collingwood that much but the fact that the Dockers' biggest winning margin before was 97 points against, who other, but Essendon. Miky has only been to one game of AFL with me. And guess which game it was? Yes, Essendon getting thumped by 97 points by the Dorkers. I am glad that that record has been laid to rest.

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