Monday, May 23, 2005

New Meaning To "Having a Crack"

Recent news is that one of trainer Gai Waterhouse's horses has tested positive for amphetamine cocaine. She has good horses, and maybe people were wondering what was in the water down her way, but cocaine? I know the horses are highly strung but this is bordering on the ridiculous. What sort of a diet plan are they on - the fast-paced, highly strung, over-achieving executive diet - chaff, oats, water and crack?

It does give new meaning to the phrase "having a crack" I suppose.

Lookout Indonesians

Schapelle Corby is due to hear judgement in her marijuana smuggling case this week. I can only say to the Indonesians in this part of the world to look out. It was earlier on in her trial that the Indonesian consulate-general in Perth received some bullets in the mail warning Indonesia to release her from jail.

What is going to happen if she is found guilty and sentenced to life in jail? Or worse, she could still face the firing squad as the three judges don't have to take the advice of the prosecution for sentencing if they find her guilty of the offence. I think that Indonesians in Australia may be targetted, at the very least for some abuse, but I wouldn't want to be running an Indonesian restaurant. The irony is that it is probably a Chinese owner that would end up being targetted. Half of the Japanese restaurants in Perth are owned by Chinese.

I see that Schapelle has been baptised while in jail and attends church regularly. I've always maintained that prayer is the last resort of the desperate person.

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