Tuesday, May 24, 2005

More In The News In Perth

A sewerage pipe burst in Victoria Park, not far from where I live, and flooded about half a dozen homes in an apartment block in Horden Street with raw sewage. The pipe was only 67 years old, not old by Perth sewerage pipe standards, and not in need of maintenance, allegedly.

One women was having her breakfast when she noticed the shit just coming inside her apartment. It moved quickly and was 10-20 centimetres deep in places and made a squelching sound when you walked on the carpet.

Apparently if residents hadn't seen the tide of poo, a poo-nami perhaps, then perhaps it would have gone unnoticed because of the generally unpleasant smell in Victoria Park. (Not true, just some controversial statement)

Let's see what's happened recently in and around Perth.

- strange tides with the effects of the Asian tsunami
- waterspout
- road flooding bringing the city to a standstill
- storm damage blacking out some 110000 people - some for more than two days, and some schools being forced to close until repairs were carried out
- sewage sprouting from the depths and destroying a road as well

It's about time we had some pestilence and a decent fire. Oh, I forgot. In January we had fires surrounding Perth making it just about unbreathable for four days or so. So, we just need a good dosage of pestilence to round it off.


David said...

Wow, at times likes these I wish I was back home... Ha!

Hammysmum said...

Where are the Minties? Is Murphy lurking in the shadows?

Nick Souter said...

If Perth did actually get wiped out, how long would it take the rest of Australia to find out? We might not know anything until the Eagles next home game when there's no signal on the TV...

(that goes for Cairns as well!)

Hammy said...

You mean they actually show the Eagles home games in Cairns? They only show them on delay over here so if Perth did get wiped out you would know about it before we would.