Monday, May 16, 2005

Fancy That - A Caring Lawyer

Four years ago a lady by the name of Vivian Alvarez Solon was deported from Australia to the Philippines. A few problems have been brought to light since then. Here's a report.

Vivian was an Australian citizen and had lived here for twenty years. She was involved in a car accident and with some mental health issues at the time was unable to tell authorities who she was. She was sent to a detention centre and then deported.

Vivian had two young children living in Australia with her. They haven't seen, or heard, from their mother for four years.

I heard on the radio this morning that people who are wrongly detained in detention centres are given compensation of about $1500 per day. Mrs Solon will be entitled to so much more, one would imagine. Doesn't it strike you as a bit funny that a law firm decided to fly representatives to the Philippines because they were concerned for the woman's wellbeing? Concerned for her wellbeing or concerned for a share of the estimated $2m compensation that could be coming her way? Call me a cynic but I'm not sure that there are too many caring and compassionate lawyers out there. Especially when it comes to compensation.

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