Sunday, May 22, 2005

Storm Damage At Shelley Primary School

Miky thought that we should go to Yu-Jin's school to assess the damage from last weekend's storm. And there was still a great deal of damage to fix. Out the back of the pre-primary building there was a covered area at the sand pit and it had fallen into the sandpit. It is a good thing that the storm hit on the weekend because somebody could have really gotten hurt if they were anywhere near the trees.

This tree was split into three


Is this goalpost gay? It's certainly bent.

It would have been pretty difficult for any kids playing footy in the wild weather.

The base of the tree that took the goalpost out. Does it have homosexual tendencies also?

It's a bit of a worry that this fence was underneath the main roof which appears to be intact still.

This must have been a large tree and it took out a wooden fence and a sandstone wall.

I feel pretty confident in saying that not too many teachers would have been parking their cars in the carpark which is surrounded by overhanging trees on the Monday. They have had a week to clean up the yard and we still saw quite a bit of destruction. When I telephoned on Friday they still couldn't phone from the front office to the pre-primary building.

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