Thursday, May 05, 2005

It's Time To Say You're Sorry

Prime Minister Koizumi of Japan has said sorry to China for Japan's wartime aggression. I didn't know that my blog was read in such circles - for those of you that have just joined us.

Perhaps it is time for me to say sorry.

Alex van Gastel - I am sorry that I called you a dork. I am also sorry that you are indeed a dork, as can be evidenced by the fact that you trashed six cars, during your school years, by various methods, not limited to hitting a kangaroo, blowing up the engine and crashing, of this there is no doubt.

I'm sorry that I didn't get far with Megan, the girl I had a crush on for several years. I'm not exactly sorry after seeing how she has ended up though.

I'm sorry I didn't take up the invitation of a Norwegian girl I met on a bus in Norway, funnily enough, to come to her place to "watch cable". I am glad that I didn't as we became penfriends for a while.

I'm sorry that I didn't get the contact details for a Slovak girl I met on a train from Bratislava to Vienna where we communicated for the whole trip by using Slovak/English and German/English dictionaries. I'm still sorry - what a stunner.

I'm sorry that I gave one pound sterling to a "homeless" guy at a subway station in London only to find out that this was his "job" during the week and he actually had a place in Croydon to stay on the weekends.

I'm sorry my Yankee mate Wayne lost his photo of my breaking the high jump record at Bordertown High School.

I'm sorry that I had my wedding day on AFL Grand Final day and one of my best mates had to smuggle a radio into the reception so that he could listen to the score.

I have a lot to be sorry for.


Nick Souter said...

You should not only be sorry Hambone, you should also feel lucky, lucky that your wife doesn't read your blog!

(Must have been a nice feeling to see that your old crush had turned out to be not so flash though! The smart people always triumph over the stupid people in the end! It just takes a bloody long time and a lot of pain in between!)

Hammy said...

He he. I think you are right Nick. If I hadn't been so head-over-heels I would have known how she was going to turn out anyway.

Miky was looking at my team photo for Under 17 Tatiara Football League representatives, including me, and she couldn't find anybody good looking. I was really skinny, had a huge adams apple and a bit of a mullet. She wondered what happened to me as I turned out alright!! Maybe that's her own opinion and nobody elses.

Nick Souter said...

It was ok to have a mullet back in the days when mullets were in! The sad thing is, there's probably still a few dudes getting around Bordertown with mullets today! (die hard!)