Tuesday, May 24, 2005

You Don't Need An M16 To Be Safe...

Even the pizzas in the Bronx are tough

Maybe you don't need a knife or a Smith & Wesson either to get around NYC but the Bronx wasn't an altogether inviting place to visit. Not far from Rambo's Pizza was Gun Hill Road. That had me pretty intrigued as to why it was named so - did it have a lot of drive-by shootings etc? - but the explanation turned out to be as harmless as something like a cannon that was stationed on top of the hill during the American Civil War. Perhaps it should be renamed Cannon Hill Road. The word gun was a bit misleading. Gave the area a bad wrap, I felt. Man, even the subway station is called Gun Hill Road Station.

Actually, I wandered around the Bronx a bit and it was a fairly ordinary residential zone if you were amongst the houses. Not offputting at all.

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