Friday, May 20, 2005

Does Kylie Minogue Have Breast Cancer?

The inner cynic is telling me that Kylie Minogue may not have breast cancer. I think that it may be a front. The Breast Cancer Foundation may be bankrolling this.

Think about it. How much money does it take for the word to get out about getting mammograms and how difficult is the marketing anyway? Hard work I would imagine. Give Kylie some sponsorship and they get all the publicity they require. Women in Australia have been on the phone asking about having mammograms. A subject that was once taboo has become mainstream overnight.

I have another conspiracy theory. Kylie's boyfriend Olivier Martinez is in Australia with her. Once the news broke about the breast cancer Dannii Minogue hopped on a plane to come back home. I think that Kylie is getting the family together and has planned a surprise wedding.

How well is Kylie's lingerie selling? Have sales fallen? Perhaps on another front she will be getting a breast augmentation, to cover up for the cancer surgery and telling us that she needed the damage repaired, so that her lingerie becomes more appealing when we see her wearing it and sales therefore increase.

Call me a cynic.

The views of the author are probably just bullshit and an indication of the crap that runs around in his head.


NewYorkMoments said...


You need to do harder drugs.

gleek said...

you're a cynic.

Nick Souter said...

but hey! Think about it Hammy! That other old duck that used to promote mammograms, you know the hard up outback bird that used to say "you know, you bloody oughta get one!" she just died a couple of weeks ago! So perhaps they are looking for someone new to keep the interest up! Yes Hammy, I'm with you!

Hammy said...

Total comments in my favour 2:3 against. And the comment was even made that Delta Goodrem went into remission from her breast cancer pretty quickly. Was that just a ruse too?

Yo Nick. Sara Henderson did die recently. Does Kylie have the time to be the patron of the Australian Breast Cancer Council, if indeed that is the game she is playing?

Nick Souter said...

well, if nothing else they make great stories and would be great rumours to spread around the country just for the hell of it!

Hammy said...

If only my blog had enough to reach around the nation to spread rumours.