Saturday, May 21, 2005

What Crap Has Been Running Through My Head Recently?

Miky cooked something the other night that was sticking to the current Stars Wars theme. I would call it "Stars Wars Cooking" because there was a Dark Side and a non-Dark Side. Reminds me of the Year 10 camp to Lake Charligrark where I "cooked" a chicken to death on one side and had smoke pouring out of the building and proceeded to turn it over and try to cook the other side so that at least something was salvagable. One of the teachers turned off my cooker though and didn't let me finish the job. My cooking must have improved as I'm not known as "Charcoal Chickie" anymore.

World's Longest Boardgame

It just has to be the Finnish version of Scrabble whereby each player has 27 tiles to play with.

Storm Damage Washup

I rang Western Power after reading their Customer Charter the other day following the storm where we lost power for 39 hours. I didn't see a mention of the $80 on offer if you lost power for 10 or 12 hours. The lady answering the phone said that it was storm damage and as such beyond Western Power's control. Everybody calling was encouraged to ring their insurance company unless some electrical equipment had been damaged. As it turns out we lost very little in the way of food even though the fridge was off for so long. The milk was still ok two mornings later.

I would really liked to have taken her up on "it's storm damage and so it was beyond our control" comment as the reason the power was lost in our street was a 30-odd metre high tree overhanging powerlines and dropping branches through the lines. If it was beyond Western Power's control then the tree should have been trimmed so as it wouldn't have posed a hazard to the lines, or alternatively have buried the powerlines underground. It certainly wasn't an unforeseeable problem, in my mind.

Storm damage and so it was beyond Western Power's control my arse

Storm damage my arse part II

Early Visit To The Funeral Parlour

Friday morning Miky didn't have to get up at 5:30 as she started work a little later. I got up at 5:15 and went for a walk to the post office. Imagine my surprise as I walked past the funeral parlour at 5:40 am and there were people inside. There was a car in the driveway that also appeared to be dead as some walk with torches was taking place. The getup that the attendees of the funeral were dressed in was strange. They had a white robe with short sleeves and a black shirt underneath with long sleeves. On their heads they wore a white hat that appeared to be a foreign legion hat which was split down the back. I was really wondering what they were doing there so early. Perhaps they were going to the funeral of a baker. I wonder if he would rise with a bit of heat added.

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Hammysmum said...

Your sentiments and reasoning about Western Power are spot on. Why do power companies put power lines under Gum trees, when they KNOW there is a strong possibility they will drop branches in our hot climate. 'Up here for thinking, down here for dancing' I say.
Don't remember the trip to Lake Charligrark. Glad your cooking has improved though.