Monday, May 16, 2005

It's All Happening In Perth

Not a dull moment. As Bill Lawrie would say, "It's all happening." We had some wild weather overnight. Plenty of rain, wind up to 142 km/h in the metropolitan area (Rottnest Is) and lots of lightning and the accompanying thunder.

The power went off this morning around 6:20. I had Yu-Jin up already as Miky starts a new job today and he needs to go to before-school care. She was a bit disappointed that putting her makeup on and doing her hair was going to be a problem. It was interesting choosing what clothes to wear - should I wear the black, or the black, or the black shirt. Miky grabbed a couple of candles and then found some leaks in the roof in the sewing room. Fun and games.

Yesterday we went to a friend's house and decided to go for a walk. There was the usual pack of idiots riding their motocross bikes on the footpath and going like blazes. We also met a man with a Collie / German Shephard cross. Talk about a beautiful dog with his red coat and wolfish looks. Very gentle too. Yu-Jin had no fear but his friend Jesse was frightened. The dog did jump up at him as he ran away at one stage and that really scared him.

We had a wonderful walk, until it started to rain. It decided to get a bit heavier and we got a bit wet despite having an umbrella with us. After the walk we had a cup of tea and some peanuts and a good chin wag.

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