Wednesday, May 18, 2005

The Saga Without Power Continues

Something very ironic occurred yesterday - I received my electricity bill. This was whilst I wasn't receiving any electricity however and so I had to laugh.

Last night I had a Medium Voltage Drives seminar to attend which finished late and I didn't get home until seven o'clock. I was a bit worried about what sort of a blithering mess my wife would be if there was still no power. Well, she had tried to cook tea, unsuccessfully, and had stayed home in the dark. Anyone with half a brain would have gone out to eat and not bothered. Needless to say she was crying and the fact that she couldn't get a jar open didn't help.

We went to Chef Han's Cafe for tea. Now, pepper squid, when ordered, normally comes with pepper. It also normally comes with the rest of your order. It also normally comes cooked. None of this happened to us last night. I was not pleased about it and I still had to pay for it. Let me make this clear, Chef Han's Cafe at Carousel Shopping Centre does not prepare delicious food, unlike their counterparts in Northbridge who provide excellent food.

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