Thursday, May 26, 2005

Help Save The Planet - Kill A Wanker

I wandered into Subiaco this lunchtime to put some money in my kid's bank account. Let's face it, he gets better interest than I do. As I approached the city I saw a gentleman parked in his car with the air conditioning on apparently full blare. He was yacking away on his mobile and make large gestures with his hands as he did so.

Some 10-12 minutes later as I returned to work I saw that he was still there, deep in coversation, laid back in his seat with his hands behind his head. A very strong piece of body language indicating that he thought he was cool.

What is wrong with stopping the car and stepping outside to continue the conversation. I feel that it is ridiculous to be sitting in the car with the engine running for that length of time, with the air con on. People, it is one week from the start of winter. Granted it is 22 degrees celcius and bloody nice at that, but there is no need to waste resources in that manner. I have seen people in Japan back in '96 who would sleep in their cars at lunchtime with the engine running and the air con blasting away - but that was in the middle of summer. Petrol in Japan in those days was 105 Yen/litre (and our exchange rate was a much healthier 94 Yen to the Aussie when I visited). Does anybody know what the going rate for a litre of fuel in Japan is?

Do us a favour and remove people like this wanker from the human gene pool. People like this guy annoy me greatly.

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