Tuesday, July 03, 2007

How Fast Are We Going?

On the bus this morning whilst it was still dark. I've decided to start work a bit earlier so that I have more time with the family in the evening. Getting home to eat, have a shower, read a book and go to bed isn't the ideal situation.

As the bus was approaching the city this morning I noticed the speedometer of a ute next to us. As it was dark the speedo was illuminated and I could see that the driver adjacent was doing a touch over 60 km/h. I glanced at the bus's speedo, as I was seated at the front next to the driver, and it read 60 km/h. That was a little unusual seeing as we were overtaking the ute. So, I decided to check the next car's speedo to give me some idea of what speed we were actually doing.

The next car was doing smack bang on 60 km/h. So the bus's speedo was about right. What was more interesting about the car alongside us was the fact that the driver had what appeared to be a laptop on the passenger seat and was playing a porno movie for all to see. I don't care what speed we were doing in the bus - the woman in the porno was going hammer and tongs.

Just when you think you've seen it all on the bus too. Helps to glance outside once in a while.


Susan Ham said...

Does it indeed?

Anonymous said...

That moron is gonna get into an accident!!! What a numsicle ha ha Annette California USA