Monday, July 16, 2007

The Boy Is Sick And So Is Transformers The Movie

As it is school holidays here I wanted to do something special with the boy. I promised to take him to see Transformers. I grew up watching the cartoon, which is still on tv, and the boy has about three Transformers figurines including one of the new ones that we picked up in Hawaii.

Yu-Jin even helped out around the house with some vacuuming, emptying of the bins and tidying up of his toys. Before we could eat lunch he had a sleep as he was sick and I had to make sure that he was up to watching the movie as it goes for nearly two and a half hours. He said that he would be.

Lunch was at Chef Han's Cafe as they offer $10 movie tickets with your meal. In the cinema that holds 300 people there were about 70 bums on seats. I did notice that the latest Harry Potter movie was full for the day so no guesses as to which movie was popular.

Transformers was great. Action-packed nearly all the way with humour at other times. I would say that the movie was as close as one could expect following the cartoon. The special effects were brilliant and Yu-Jin commented that it must have cost a lot of money to make. Afterwards he said that it was probably the best movie he has ever seen. Not that he's a movie afficionado or similar. Great movie though. I noticed Steven Spielberg's name in there. Hardly surprisingly really. No problem for a sick child to stay awake which was surprising for a movie that long.

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Anonymous said...

Wow now that was a great deal!! It costs over $5.00 for a discount ticket( you go early) here and all the snacks at the movies are so high it is not funny. You get dinner and a movie too? Wow you did well. If he is sick, he can take a daily multi-vitamin for cheap to get sick less. I found some for only a dollar for me.They work wonders. Beware of the Nutty L's as they are still bad and always will be most likely. Have a good week. Annette P.S> I loved Transformers too!! They have great new toys out too!! Remember those?