Thursday, July 26, 2007

Civil Engineering Disgrace

I've said it before and I'll probably say it again but the drainage in Perth is an absolute disgrace. Ok, so it's the middle of winter and we've had a bit of rain. That's no reason for the streets to be flooded. It's not like we've had one month's rainfall in one hour like parts of England this month - somewhere in the vicinity of four or five inches (100 - 125mm).

Flooded street in Perth

Not quite knee-deep water

Flooded suburban street

The roads in these photos had experienced less than 25mm of rainfall within a 48 hour period! Bugger all and yet the drains couldn't handle it. The civil engineer responsible needs to do one good job and drop dead.


Susan Ham said...

It is a pity we have come to accept without question, such inferior workmanship in this country. If workers were encouraged to take pride in their work, and it was not geared to the 'bottom line', we might see better facilities etc.

Anonymous said...

Could the build ditches to send the water off the road or build a better gutter sytem. These things cost money but, are worth it. If America spent money on the Levy system we would not have had the New Orleans, LA usa disaster. Some things simply must be done because, the money spent is less than the potetential disaster clean up cost and human life is not replaceable.He's being an L!! Ha ha get it!! They are just like that!!They feel superior yet they are far from it!!! Superior Jerks is a better word ha ha Have fun Annette

Hammy said...

If the guys who designed New Orleans didn't build it 6 feet below sea level there wouldn't have been a problem.

Anonymous said...

Good advice but, the if the levy system had been repaired the disaster would have been prevented but, Bush did'nt want to spend the $ so, it cost him a hell of a lot more plus put us in a deficit!! Good Luck!! Annette