Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Narky Bus Driver

I had my hands full this arvo. What, with a big jacket, backpack and an umbrella. So I hailed the bus with my umbrella. I gave the bus driver a friendly, "G'day mate," as I boarded the bus and his response was, somewhat delayed, "Please show me your hand when you want a bus."

What to do, what to do? If I catch his bus tomorrow should I;

a) pop my hand out of my sleeve at the last moment?
b) bow as well as lowering and raising both hands in homage?
c) do a Hitler salute?

I could have fun with this guy but methinks he doesn't have a great sense of humour.


Anonymous said...

I bet he wishes he has all that nice stuff you do but, he may not be frugal minded enough to afford it. Do'nt let it get you down. It certainly is his loss if he must be a Dictator type. He has authority over you so, that makes him feel better even if he does'nt have an umbrella. I would just wave a friendly hello. Don't let him get you down. He may have had a bad day and is just plain jealous of you. Not all people have been blessed with brains like us. Just enjoy your day and be proud of what you accomplished. Annette and friends Maybe he does'nt feel well enought to smile either because, he has to face his own personal dilemas. Good luck.

Hammy said...

I don't let little things like this get me down. Life would be too boring if something like this didn't happen occasionally. I find the reactions of others quite funny at times

tmz_99 said...

the hitler salute would be the go. It his duty as a public servant to stop, and yours to antagonise him back for vexing you so.

Anonymous said...

In America here they would just give him the middle finger and you know that means F you ha ha Annette Whatever you do may it humor you!!! Annette