Monday, July 16, 2007

Attack Of The Little Johnny Eyebrows

I wish in the bathroom at work today, washing my hands after doing my business, when I spied in the mirror a horrendous sight. No, not my face. I had a monstrous eyebrow. Ok, it was a bit longer than the others and it stuck out like a dog's hind leg. So, I pulled it out. To my horror it was about two inches long.

That's reminiscent of a mad scientist or like Little Johnny, our prime minister. Did you know that John Howard has his eyebrows trimmed? Even more reason for me to remove the eyebrow hair. Besides, I don't have the green and gold tracksuit that is warranted should the owner have eyebrows like that.

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Anonymous said...

Alot of men are doing that now. You can buy a cheap device to trim the eyebrows for men too that is less painful. If you had a two inch eye brow, that means you have a good immune system. Have fun!! Annette