Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Things You See When You Don't Have A Gun

I dropped Yu-Jin off at taekwondo and went to do a bit of shopping at Coles. Grabbed a few items to make mini pizzas with and then I noticed someone familiar in the meat section. He had a couple of kids with him so I greeted him with a, "You've been busy." It was Luke with his kids Oscar and Maya. I don't believe that I've seen either of his kids.

Go back about six years ago and Luke and his wife were our downstairs neighbours. They moved out to the couple before his wife had their first kid and I didn't see any more of them. Talk about a shock to find out that he has moved twice, popped out another sprog, and moved pretty close to where we live.

And to think that he remembered my name along with that of Miky and Yu-Jin. Gotta hand it to the man. I wasn't sure if he was Lucas or Luke but worked it out a minute after we parted. Then I bumped into him at the checkout.

It worries me that if he has another kid it's name will be "Wiener".


Anonymous said...

That's funny but, so true!!! Those L's have too many children and they say it is ok for them to behave badly. Maybe one day they will get a clue!!! Have fun!! Annette

Hammy said...

Get a clue - great advice.